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My much younger sister's BFF comes on strong and makes it impossible to resist her

An innocent girl learns a lot when she shares more than just a shower with her mother.

Unusual episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie" and "I Love Lucy".

A team of one guy and one girl go around killing pretty young women and posing and preserving their bodies.

An ancient myth comes to life when the legacy of the Jaguar Shaman is reborn.

Megan's husband has a business trip on their anniversary. She decides to go clubbing.

Sexually inquisitive teen boy gets caught masturbating by the neighbours whilst babysitting.

Brendan was a bit of a loner who always had a thing for his pretty blonde neighbor. When she asks him to dog sit George for a weekend he learns something he couldn’t have ever imagined.

A class has pet show and tell day that goes awry.